How To Pick The Perfect Sex Toy

Perfect Sex Toy
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This is the golden age of sex toys, with more and more products being released to the market each day. You can find all sorts of naughty devices and other pleasure helpers to make you feel good. There is such a vast selection of sex toys that many people no longer need actual physical contact to feel good. Of course, some still prefer physical closeness. This all depends on your personal preferences and the things you value in the bedroom.

If you have never owned a sex toy before, you might not know where to start with your first purchase. It can definitely be overwhelming with all the different types of toys available today. While there are many reviews you can find online, and it might be tempting to purchase the first toy you find that has a good review, you might want to take your time. Now, although the title states that the perfect toy exists, there is no such thing as a perfect sex toy. But that might just be the beauty of it. There are different toys for different preferences, and you simply need to find something that will suit your naughty tastes.

Everyone Is Different

As you already know, everyone is different. What some people might find hot and arousing, others might dislike, and vice versa. So, how can you find a toy that your body will enjoy? Well, first, you need to get in touch with yourself. What kind of pleasures do you enjoy? Do you prefer vaginal or clitoral stimulations? Are you searching for a male masturbator instead? Maybe you like having your nipples clamped, or you just enjoy the ultra-hardcore sex toys instead.

The first thing you should do is get down and dirty in the bedroom. Play with yourself, and find things that trigger your kinky senses. This way, you can browse through the types of toys that interest you and narrow the search a lot. You might also want to consider factors that could influence your sexual desires and needs, such as menstrual cycles, erectile dysfunctions, medication, vaginismus, and stress. If you are having any sort of issues, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about this.

Types Of Sex Toys

Just like we are all different, with different desires, there is a sex toy for everyone out there. The creators of sex toys are always trying to find new and creative sex toys that will bring ultimate pleasure to the users. Shopping for a sex toy can sometimes feel like visiting a buffet, as there are so many to choose from. So, how can you know which one of these toys will actually make you feel good? Well, until you try it out, you can never be certain whether a particular sex toy will rock your world. But there are some factors that come into play when choosing sex toys. After you’ve gotten familiar with your body and you understand what type of pleasures you enjoy the most, it is time to learn more about the common types of sex toys.

Clitoral And Penis Stimulators

Some of the most popular sex toys are the ones that can stimulate clitoral pleasures. These often include vibrating sex toys, but today there are other kinds you can consider as well. People with a vulva often need more than just vaginal penetration. Usually, they are unable to cum with just that and need clitoral stimulation in order to reach an orgasm. This is why many couples purchase vibrating toys to share in the bedroom.

Clitoral stimulators today come in all shapes and sizes with a plethora of options. There are toys that are tiny and compact, something that we could have never dreamed about in the past. There are also your typical vibrators if that is what you prefer. Vibrating toys are perfect to be used on other erogenous zones, such as the breasts, penis, scrotum, and inner thighs.

Although vibrators are usually seen as toys for clitoral stimulation, men and others can use them as well. There are toys known as male masturbators that will simulate a blowjob, handjob, or penetration. These toys are often shaped like the hole you’d be penetrating, not to mention that they can be shaped as an actual booty. On top of that, there are many high-quality sex dolls that have all the options for penetration and more. These masturbators all have different textures inside, and if you combine them with cock rings and similar toys, you might just reach pleasures you did not know were possible.

Vaginal And Anal Stimulators

While clitoral stimulation is important, some prefer vaginal action instead. There is a huge variety of dildos across the market. Today, they all come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some shapes might even be odd or surprising to some, like the alien and tentacle dildos. There are many glass dildos, as well as just the basic ones. Now vibratos could also be used for penetration, and all of these toys are great for both vaginal and anal sex.

With that said, if you prefer to have your ass pounded instead, there are toys specifically tailored to pleasure your behind. These toys can include beads, butt plugs, and other anal sex toys. These all come in different shapes and sizes, as well as textures. There are a ton of them for you to choose from, and some are designed in a way to reach your G-spot. Of course, whether you will actually find the toy that does that all comes down to how much you are willing to experiment with different sex toys.

Air-Pulse And Suction Toys

If you are an old soul, you might not even know that these types of toys exist. However, there are sex toys that are designed to please you through air pulsation and suction. These toys have been on the market for quite some time and have reached high popularity because they do their job perfectly. These types of toys are very popular among women because they offer different kinds of pleasures when compared to vibrating toys and dildos. With that said, there is also an air-pulse toy designed for men, and that definitely offers a sensation you never experienced.

Two-In-One Sex Toys

We have all heard about the Rabbit vibrator, and that is the best example for this category. The Rabbit vibrator offers vaginal and clitoral stimulation at the same time… and you can also use it separately. However, there are many other dual-sex toys you could consider. In case you and your partner both enjoy penetration, there are plenty of double-headed vibratos and dildos you c n consider as well. The sex toy industry is filled with many amazing possibilities!

Remote-Controlled Sex Toys

This section is quite self-explanatory. You might be familiar with the webcam sex toy that is designed to react to donations from the viewers. The toy vibrates when the users send tokens/credits to beautiful models. However, the sex toy industry is filled with many different remote-controlled sex toys. If you’ve ever wanted to control your sex toy through a remote, there are many you can choose from. These sex toys allow you to lay comfortably in your bed and simply control the sex toy through a small remote control. A lot of couples enjoy using these kinds of toys for kinky play, but you can also use them alone.

Hardcore Sex Toys

If you enjoy BDSM play and other hardcore fucking, then there is a whole market of sex toys designed for you. The BDSM section is available on almost all sex toy shop websites. You can purchase anything from whips to chains, gag-balls, and so on. There are tons of outfits you can get as well, and although these technically do not count as sex toys, they can definitely make your orgasms feel amazing. From toys that are shaped like a hand and are perfect for fisting to spanking toys and nipple clamps that’ll leave your breasts purple. There are also sex machines that will simulate penetration. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Other Things To Consider

Other than purchasing sex toys, you can also get many helpers. For example, there are tons of lubricants that will warm up or offer a tingling sensation. There are tons of lubricants that are tasty; thus, giving a blowjob can be a lot more fun. For men who have problems holding an erection, there are tons of medications you can take for that, though for this, you might want to consult your doctor. Overall, there are tons of helpers, and accessories, such as lingerie, stockings, and other things.

Key Things To Pay Attention To

When you are purchasing your favorite sex toy, it is important to know which stores are good and which should be avoided. You should do your research on different stores and check out their reputation and overall reviews. Once you have a store in mind, you can start browsing. However, do not be quick to purchase the first toy you like; instead, check out online reviews from more than just one source. When reading the reviews, read them with a grain of salt because many of them are paid reviews.

Another thing to keep in mind is the shipping, price, and warranty options. You should find a sex shop that is local or close to where you live because the shipping price will be much lower. You should always check out the stores’ return policy and warranty because the goods could be damaged during shipping. Do not be afraid to get a bit out of your comfort zone when browsing for sex toys. With an open mind, you will surely find the sex toy that will perfectly suit your naughty tastes.

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